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Summer of ’71: A Romance of Youth in Timeless Rome (Art Historian Super Heroes)

Summer of '71: A Romance of Youth in Timeless Rome (Art Historian Super Heroes) by [Branch, Rebecca]

Rebecca Branch

Summer of ’71: A Romance of Youth in Timeless Rome (Art Historian Super Heroes)

Nearly raped at her photo shoot in Milan, English actress/model Molly Moncrieff flees south only to lose her luggage, her clothes, and her remaining money upon her arrival in Rome. Desperate and alone, emotionally drained and at her wits end, knowing no one but a young, long-haired American she’d just met by a fountain late at night, she has no choice but to accept his kind offer of a place to sleep. Certain that she will have to perform to his advantage, remarkably, no advantage is taken, and she rests in the comfort of clean sheets and safety in the young man’s apartment…the rich and ancient villa of his mother, an Italian Contessa. Waking, she is swept away into his world of antiquity, art, literature, music, food and culture with a loving, sweet and innocent younger man. 

Somewhat frightened and intimidated by her at first; thinking her way out of his league, Maximillian DuPont’s attraction to her grows as he tours her through the ancient city. Son of an American archaeologist, cultured, polite, elegant, smart and free-spirited, his youthful outlook and positive take on life brings new hope and reclamation to his stunning guest.

Desperate for salvation and in need of care and understanding, she uses her every physical attribute and sensual talent to attract and capture his attention, all the while unaware that it is he, with his intellect, and in his innocence, who is capturing her heart, mind and spirit.

Set against a background of the ancient city, its art and monuments, piazzas and fountains…and the café society of the early 70’s, this summer romance comes to define who these two people are, and will be, as their lives are forever changed by the encounter.

This book, the first in a series, takes the reader through a world of ancient architecture, art and history, all delivered through the eyes of an art historian. The romance is the story of her reclamation and his sexual awakening, taking place in Rome, Capri, Positano, Pompeii, Santa Marinella, the aircraft carrier USS America, and New York in the turbulent times of the cultural revolution of the early seventies. Famous people and many minor characters populate the book.

There is a sub-story which takes place in the First Century BC in the city of Rome, capital of a new burgeoning empire, embroiled in civil war, and ruled by Julius Caesar. The characters here are Marcellus, Tribune of the Tenth Legion, and Alessandra, hostage princess of the Kingdom of Bithynia. Another story of love, personal growth and sexual awakening, this one guides the reader through the daily life of ancient Rome, breathing life into the ruins examined earlier in the narrative.

The book is at all times romantic, often erotic, but also assumes an interest on the part of the reader in Rome today and in the ancient world. Travel the mysteries of the imperial city, the medieval streets, renaissance piazzas, and the minds of the two protagonists as they find comfort, companionship, love and lust in a world of wonder and social consciousness. You will walk away from this book with a detailed guide to the ancient city and museums, and stories you will not often find elsewhere.

Stifled Summoned Series
Summoned (Summoned Series Book 1) by [Kaye, Rainy]Stifled (Summoned Series Book 2) by [Kaye, Rainy]

Rainy Kaye



Dimitri would like nothing more than to live a low-key life in Naples, Italy. His girlfriend, Syd, has other plans. After three months of researching, she is positive she has found a jinn on a killing spree in San Diego, California. Since Syd gave Dimitri the one thing he thought was out of reach, he feels obligated to use his ill-gained talents for her cause. 

A few hours back in the US proves that Dimitri and Syd didn’t quite make the clean escape they had thought. As they trail the elusive jinn, someone else trails them. What should have been a simple trip to confirm once and for all if the jinn are living among humans, instead reveals a community keeping dark secrets. Unfortunately for Dim, the only way out is in.


Andrea Drew Author Gypsy Hunted


Gypsy Hunted: a psychic paranormal book with a touch of romance (The Gypsy Medium Series 1) by [Drew, Andrea]

Andrea Drew

Gypsy Hunted



Misery meets Medium…

Reluctant psychic Gypsy Shields (she prefers the term “intuition consultant”) finds herself in trouble when, on her way home from a blind date, she interrupts a kidnapping in progress. Her heroic attempt to intervene is repaid with a collision between the attacker’s van and a brick wall. She awakens in hospital, paralyzed on her left side and unable to speak. Unable to share vital information about the crime she witnessed. Fortunately, her telepathic connection with her niece helps her throw a line out, attracting the attention of a police detective: Connor Reardon, Gypsy’s date the night of the attack.
Stepping in to protect Gypsy, Connor even listens to her claims of psychic power. She soon senses he’s concealing certain powers of his own. Nor are they all he’s concealing. A part of Gypsy’s new ally’s mind is closed to her. What she cannot know is that Connor suspects the kidnapper is someone close to him, and the victim holds secrets that will tear through Connor’s department, putting careers and lives at risk. Including Gypsy’s, as she is left recovering in hospital and vulnerable as the attacker turns his sights on her once again.
Can she use her powers to track down the perpetrator in time to prevent her own murder?

˃˃˃ “A Master Story Teller”

“What a magnificent suspense! This author is a true master of story telling! I read this book all the way through in one sitting, it was just that good! I really had a hard time putting it down ” Holly Newhouse-Guidry – Eternal Book Reviews and best-selling author of the Twin Souls Trilogy

˃˃˃ “Unusually well honed skills for a debut fiction author”

“Andrea shows that she has skills that are unusually well honed for a debut fiction novel. She is able to propel a plot at times breathlessly while retaining that gift to insert comic relief to allow time for the reader to rev up for the continuing investigation. Skills such as these are rarely so well developed in a debut novel and this suggests (or assures) that Andrea Drew has found a vibrant new niche.” Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer and member of The Vine Voice

˃˃˃ “Seat Gripping on the Edge of your Seat book”

“Seat gripping on the edge of your seat book! The story line will take you far and beyond what you think when you first start reading this book! It will keep you turning the pages and trying to figure out who and what happens with Gypsy. This will keep you wandering and guessing what the deal is with Connor and how these two will end up. If you haven’t read this book yet, you don’t want to miss out! Grab your copy or add to your goodreads list! This is one heck of a read!” Peggy Salkill, Undercover Book Reviews
 (copyright Andrea Drew)

Jason Deas Author The Painter

The Painter by [Deas,Jason]

Jason Deas

The Painter


Life can be complicated for a liar and fake artist. As a university art student in 1992, Andy has  stealing bits and pieces from other works down to a science. His deception is rooted so deep within himself, he’s even beginning to believe his own lies.

When Andy meets Henry, an actual artist, his life tumbles farther down the rabbit hole. Henry lives in the shadows of Athens, Georgia, unable to face humanity for his own dark reasons. When the two join forces, Henry gives Andy the keys to the art kingdom, a move which will alter both of their lives. 

As Andy and Henry’s duplicity takes form, an eclectic cast of characters add to the deceptive backdrop Andy is creating with his lies. A girlfriend and her roommate, a musical bartender, a blind man and a crazy beatnik all take shape in Andy’s colorful life. Within a story of love, laughter, hangovers and lies, Andy must decide between the life he’s painted using someone else’s brush, or finding his true self within the gray.




John Nicholl


Dr David Galbraith (2 Book Series) by  John Nicholl
John Nicholl
Portraits of the Dead
White is the Coldest Color
When Evil Calls your Name
Praise for White is the Coldest Colour:
‘One of the best psychological thrillers I’ve ever read.’ The Book Review Cafe
‘The writing is superb, I was totally gripped by this psychological thriller.’ Read Along with Sue
‘Confident crime writing at its best. A must read for lovers of very dark crime.’ Northern Crime
‘One of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read.’ Carissa Backherms – Bestselling Author
‘One of the most disturbing psychological thrillers I have read. I literally could not tap to the next page on my kindle quick enough. If you are a lover of dark psychological suspense thrillers, you will not be able to put it down.’ By The Letter Book Reviews

Praise for When Evil Calls Your Name:

‘If you like psychological suspense thrillers, this is as good as it gets.’ Frank Scozzari – Bestselling Author
‘Brilliantly written, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both books.’ Little Bookness Lane
‘ A superbly written thriller. Dark, gritty, and gripping. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ Louise Mullins – Bestselling Author
‘Thought-provoking, dark, and completely magnetic reading from start to finish.’ Tome Tender Book Blog


The Saga Of Cyrillus Severus: Volume 1

The Saga Of Cyrillus Severus: Volume 1 by [De Luca, Kyle]

Kyle de LucaThe Saga Cyrillus Severus


Cyrillus Severus is a young man who doesn’t seem to fit in. Not at home, where he is quiet to the point of being mute. Not at school, where he is left with feelings that he is somehow beyond the teaching of his school masters. And not even with his friends, who can seem to find endless enjoyment by losing themselves in a bottle of alcohol. 

But a chance meeting with a stranger sets him on a path that will change his life forever and banish the dullness that seems to hang over his head, weighing him down with a monotony that has threatened to engulf him at times.

In Italy, Cyrillus truly finds himself. From historic narrow Roman streets, steeped in ancient history, to the rolling countryside beyond, his travels and meetings were to bring about a change in his attitude and his view on the world in general.

Throughout his travels in the country and the people he meets, Cyrillus is finally able to begin experiencing life in all its vibrancy and colour, as well as discovering that not everyone is friendly and welcoming.

The Prince

The Prince by [Vesterberg, Jonas]

Jonas Vesterberg
The Prince


Free on kindleUnlimited

In THE PRINCE, the fates of disgraced writer Johannes, seductive artist Bella, celebrity chef Adam and troubled former military contractor Garth are entwined in a whirlwind tale of love, loss and the search for answers in a world that often seems senseless and cruel.
After a drunken tweet about Islam, Johannes’s career as New York correspondent for The Guardian lay in shambles. At the same time, he is unable to get over his failed love affair with the enthralling artist Bella.
Bella has lived an itinerant and rough life. She wants to get out of New York, away from the job that exposes her to the sick fantasies of depraved men. Away from Johannes, who hurt her deeply. She escapes to Berlin, but things don’t turn out the way she had expected.
Stuck in a downward spiral, Johannes ends up in Los Angeles. Suddenly one day, when everything looks darker than ever, he receives a mysterious letter. (copyright  Jonas Vesterberg )

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas was written in 1933 by Gertrude Stein. It is a wonderful insight into the art of Paris as the couple was friends with Pablo Picasso. 

How Can I Live According to You

Elease Dobbs
How Can I Live According To You?: A Woman’s Guide (A Fresh Dew Tool) (Volume 1)

Many women allow distractions in their life that open them up to a world of hell. Forgetting the one who loves her unconditionally, who would never leave her nor forsake her, how can she reclaim the love whose promises are true? How Can I Live According to You is a woman’s guide to finding her purpose in life. Are you ready to hear true stories, real scriptures and to prepare the path you must take to live according to God? If your response is yes, this book is for you. Get in a quiet space, read and prepare for your breakthrough.

Mage of the Tower
 S.M. Simmons
Mage of the Tower
Author included no Description

K L Myers
Ancient mystic foretold of an elixir of immortality. The only thing that researcher Jane Swanson was
continuing her research into Egyptian Mythology. Little did she know her trip to Egypt sending her into the bowels of the God’s and fulfill the prophecy her father read to her as a child.

The Adam Code

Michael S. Meusch
The Adam Code
Back to Eden (series)
The Year, 2100 The Major Economies of the World collapse. Leaving America as the last great nation standing, but soon like a string of dominoes, the United States follows suit. Eight major Corporations start the UCOA (The United Corporations of America). Providing commerce and establishing a sense of order from out of the chaos.
Fast forward to the year, 2163 and Jack Ryan is on the verge of the tracking the largest NTT (Neotranstropic) dealer in his career. The only thing that stands in the way is two Viper girls (Clubbers), Siri and Pasn’e, who have other plans for Jack.
Ryan is suddenly thrown into a world of espionage, disillusionment, and deceit. Hidden truths are revealed to Jack, realizing he is part something bigger setting him on a journey into his past. Captain Sarah Reynolds confronts Jack telling our hero a that the Administrator’s Daughter is kidnapped and the mission begins. All is not what it seems, and it is only a matter of time before Jack removes this veil of illusion, revealing the UCOA Administrator’s real intent. A fast paced, sure to have you guessing, vivid imagery, and constant surprises. Volume one of a series Back to Eden.

 Rose Blood

                             ROSEBLOOD by A.G. Howard

A.G Howard


This YA novel from New York Times bestselling author A. G. Howard marks the beginning of a new era for fans of the Splintered series. Rune Germain moves to a boarding school outside of Paris, only to discover that at this opera-house-turned-music-conservatory, phantoms really do exist. RoseBlood is a Phantom of the Opera–inspired retelling in which Rune’s biggest talent—her voice—is also her biggest curse. Fans of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the Splintered series will find themselves captivated by this pulse-pounding spin on a classic tale.
Rune, whose voice has been compared to that of an angel, has a mysterious affliction linked to her talent that leaves her sick and drained at the end of every performance. Convinced creative direction will cure her, her mother ships her off to a French boarding school for the arts, rumored to have a haunted past.
Shortly after arriving at RoseBlood conservatory, Rune starts to believe something otherworldly is indeed afoot. The mystery boy she’s seen frequenting the graveyard beside the opera house doesn’t have any classes at the school, and vanishes almost as quickly as he appears. When Rune begins to develop a secret friendship with the elusive Thorn, who dresses in clothing straight out of the 19th century, she realizes that in his presence she feels cured. Thorn may be falling for Rune, but the phantom haunting RoseBlood wants her for a very specific and dangerous purpose. As their love continues to grow, Thorn is faced with an impossible choice: lead Rune to her destruction, or save her and face the wrath of the phantom, the only father he’s ever known.
A. G. Howard brings the romantic storytelling that Splintered fans adore to France—and an entirely new world filled with lavish romance and intrigue—in a retelling inspired by a story that has captivated generations. Fans of both the Phantom of the Opera musical and novel, as well as YA retellings such as Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, will devour RoseBlood.

Daniel G. Koehane
Solomon's Grave by [Keohane, Daniel G.]
Daniel G. Koehane
Soloman’s Grave

Read Free on KindleUnlimited

Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel!
Nathan Dinneck’s new role as Pastor may be shorter than he expects.
For thousands of years a secret has been hidden from the world and protected from those who covet its power. Popes and Kings have sought it. Theologians and historians have debated its very existence. In every generation since the days of Solomon, one person is chosen to keep its secret, protect it from an ageless group claiming the treasure for their own dark god. After millennia of searching, they are finally closing in on their prize. Evil has followed Nathan home to Hillcrest, Massachusetts.
Nightmares of temples and blood sacrifice, visions of angels and cemeteries foreshadow a dark battle to come. In the balance hangs the lives and souls of those chosen to protect history’s most holy relic, perhaps even the gateway to heaven itself. (copyright Daniel G. Keohane)

Mellie Miller   
Jareth, First Lord (Esperance Book 1) by [Miller, Mellie]Viviane, First Lady (Esperance Book 2) by [Mellie Miller]Morgan: The Pixie and the Green Man (Esperance Book 3) by [Miller, Mellie]

Mellie Miller
Jareth First Lord
Viviane First Lady
The Pixie and the Green Man


From Book 1: With his clan’s welfare threatened by raiding parties during a harsh winter, Jareth rides to demand restitution from the neighboring first lord, not knowing he will meet the woman of his dreams. Taking her as part of the spoils, he hopes to make her his first lady, not realizing she is the daughter of the first lord. Tensions escalate between the two clans over this beautiful and fiery woman he must make his own.
Viviane, a young widow, is praying for an answer as she struggles to survive on her own after her husband’s death. The other option is to move back home, with her father, First Lord Herrick, of Clan Brannach. She is desperate for another option, for as the youngest daughter of the house, she can never be her own person there. Her prayers are answered when Jareth comes seeking justice for crimes against her clan. Hiding her true identity, she hopes to make a break with her past when she is chosen as part of the spoils. Imagine her dismay when she discovers Jareth hopes to make her first lady of his clan.

Axiom New final









Rainy Kaye



Fifteen-year-old Dimitri’s life changes when his father is murdered, causing him to inherit a family curse. Now he’s left at the mercy of rules he doesn’t understand and the sinister side of people he thought he knew. Forced to commit crimes that increase in severity, Dimitri struggles to find his place in a world where he doesn’t exist.


Sylvia Beach

Sylvia Beach
Sylvia Beach was intimately acquainted with the expatriate and visiting writers of the Lost Generation, a label that she never accepted. Like moths of great promise, they were drawn to her well-lighted bookstore and warm hearth on the Left Bank. Shakespeare and Company evokes the zeitgeist of an era through its revealing glimpses of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, Sherwood Anderson, Andre Gide, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, D. H. Lawrence, and others already famous or soon to be.
In his introduction to this new edition, James Laughlin recalls his friendship with Sylvia Beach. Like her bookstore, his publishing house, New Directions, is considered a cultural touchstone.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

A Moveable Feast (The Restored Edition)


Ernest Hemingway’s classic memoir of Paris in the 1920s, now available in a restored edition, includes the original manuscript along with insightful recollections and unfinished sketches.

Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway’s most enduring works. Since Hemingway’s personal papers were released in 1979, scholars have examined the changes made to the text before publication. Now, this special restored edition presents the original manuscript as the author prepared it to be published.

Featuring a personal Foreword by Patrick Hemingway, Ernest’s sole surviving son, and an Introduction by grandson of the author, Seán Hemingway, editor of this edition, the book also includes a number of unfinished, never-before-published Paris sketches revealing experiences that Hemingway had with his son, Jack, and his first wife Hadley. Also included are irreverent portraits of literary luminaries, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ford Maddox Ford, and insightful recollections of Hemingway’s own early experiments with his craft.

Widely celebrated and debated by critics and readers everywhere, the restored edition of A Moveable Feast brilliantly evokes the exuberant mood of Paris after World War I and the unbridled creativity and unquenchable enthusiasm that Hemingway himself epitomized.

Deadly Bloodlines (Shadow Bloodlines Book 2)








A.R Cooper

Deadly Bloodlines

Deadly Bloodlines (Shadow Bloodlines Book 2)
(copyright A.R. Cooper)

Beth needs to break her dad out of prison, train to fight the hunters who are after her and Amar, and find her mom. Nothing like having the world on her shoulders. Everything goes wrong, and instead of helping, she causes Amar to slowly transform back into his gargoyle form. Worse, in three nights, he’ll awake as a soul-less killer and forever cursed. To save him, she must journey to Egypt and solicit the help of an ancient shifter.

Amar’s growing attraction for Beth is interfering in his ability to protect her and other shifters. But can he stop the curse turning him into a granite statue during the day, and a blood-starved creature at night? If he doesn’t, then there was no hope in saving Beth or the world for that matter.

Beth and Amar continue to battle for their right to live and rescue her loved ones. But with the hunters pursuing them at every step, will they succeed before it’s too late? ( copyright A.R. Cooper)